Bonne Terre

French for “good earth,” Bonne Terre serves peak-season Louisiana ingredients in classic and reimagined Cajun dishes.

We cater private dinner parties and offer large format black pot catering in New Orleans and South Louisiana.


Bonne Terre specializes in curating bespoke dinner parties at your home and offering large-format single dish catering for events. We also offer seasonal family-size takeaway options from our kitchen and occasionally pop up at local venues and events.

Private Events

Bonne Terre specializes in curating bespoke culinary events at your home to meet your needs and taste. Whether a five-course dinner for eight, a birthday brunch for 12, or a cocktail party for 30, we plan and execute each facet of your event so you can focus on enjoying your guests.

We can accommodate seated dinner parties up to 20 people and buffet-style cocktail parties up to 30 people. We also offer single dish large-format catering for 30-150 people.

Selected Menus

Black Pot Catering

Central to South Louisiana cooking is bringing people together and experiencing joie de vivre, French for the “joy of living.” Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, retirement, or birthday with extended family or out-of-town guests, Bonne Terre offers large-format catering for 30-150 people. Cooking on site in our 30-gallon cast iron pot, we offer a number of Cajun classics including jambalaya, gumbo, sauce piquante, étouffée, white beans, and courtbouillon.

Allons (To Go)

Drawing upon the plate lunch tradition of South Louisiana grocery stores and gas stations, Bonne Terre occasionally offers family-size takeaway portions from its kitchen. Named after the French phrase meaning “let’s go,” Allons menu options are packaged in to-go pint and quart containers which can easily be frozen and reheated so you can stock up on your favorite dishes.

When seasonal, we also offer lagniappe options, such as homemade tasso, pickled vegetables, homemade preserves, pralines, and Cajun desserts.

Chef Derrick Toups

Chef Derrick Toups is a native of Houma, Louisiana who grew up along Bayou Black gardening and fishing with his grandfather, crabbing and cooking gumbo with his mother, cooking white beans with his grandmother, and hosting Cajun dinner parties with his godfather. Unable to escape the lure and enchantment of Cajun food and its power to bring people together, Chef Toups tells the story of Louisiana’s foodways through menus that feature the freshest-possible produce, game, and seafood of his home state’s native pantry.

Chef Toups is an early childhood educator and former school leader who has also been a bread and king cake baker, a fine dining server, and a culinary arts instructor. He has competed in local and regional cooking competitions (Krewe of Red Beans and Camellia Beans “Bean Madness Tournament,” Bayou Gourmet Cook-Off), has recipes published in multiple cookbooks including “Très Bien!” and the “40th Annual Bayou Gourmet Cookbook,” and has been named “Cook of the Week” by The Houma Courier. Chef Toups is the proud recipient of two Gumbo House Legacy Awards and is a member of the Southern Foodways Alliance.