Black Pot Catering

Central to South Louisiana cooking is bringing people together and experiencing joie de vivre, French for the “joy of living.” Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, retirement, or birthday with extended family or out-of-town guests, Bonne Terre offers large-format single dish catering for 30-150 people. Cooking on site in our 30-gallon cast iron pot, we offer a number of Cajun classics including:

  • Jambalaya (Chicken & Sausage or Shrimp)
  • Gumbo (Chicken & Andouille or Shrimp)
  • Étouffée (Crawfish or Shrimp)
  • White Beans & Rice
  • Red Beans & Rice
  • Sauce Piquante (Chicken or Alligator)
  • Courtbouillon (Redfish or Catfish)

Contact us at or 504-410-5630 for availability and pricing.

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